Marketing metrics you need to know. And how to use them.

Next LIVE Online Masterclass: Tuesday 9th July 12pm or 7pm AEST

What are your business goals for this new financial year? Increasing cash flow and sales? Feeling more confident about what you’re doing to promote your business? Finally understanding what your marketing agency is doing for your business?

The start of a new financial year is the time to review your marketing performance and take action to ensure you are moving in the right direction. Without understanding of the marketing data that you’re generating, you’re just wasting time Googling wtf it all means.

It’s simply not good enough to just blindly create marketing without understanding if it’s working for your business. Without this understanding, how can you be sure that you’re not just wasting time and money? What works for one business, might not work for yours.

We now have access to more data than ever, but knowing what it all means can be overwhelming. Let us help.

In this hour-long, live online masterclass you’ll learn from our Marketing Director Charlie, a marketing expert with more than 13 years industry experience. She’ll help you de-mystify the data, tell you which metrics are worth worrying about and which you can afford to ignore.

It’s the perfect introduction to marketing analytics for anyone looking to start creating marketing from a data-first perspective, rather than just blindly stabbing in the dark.

Imagine having the confidence to finally understand how your marketing is really performing, place more trust in your marketing team and take informed action to improve what you’re doing.

You will get

* LIVE training from a marketing expert with 13+ years industry experience.

* A PDF workbook covering all information covered in the masterclass.

* Free access to the masterclass to keep. 

* A hands-on, information-filled masterclass with like-minded business owners.

* Live Q&A with our Marketing Director Charlie.

* BONUS: Get your own copy of our marketing campaign planning template for the new financial year and plan with insight for your best year yet!


* The difference between KPIs and metrics.

* How to create benchmarks.

* The current challenges facing marketers & data you need to know.

* The key metrics to track for email marketing, social media marketing and your website.

*How to use your data to make better marketing decisions.

87% of marketers report that data is their company’s most under-utilised asset.


This masterclass is intended as an introduction to marketing analytics (AKA the marketing data). It’s perfect for complete newbies looking to do things right from the start, seasoned business owners looking for a skills refresh or business owners who feel like they need to get a better grasp of what their marketing teams are doing for them.

It’s perfect for service-based and product-based business owners. The data we’ll be discussing is applicable to both businesses, but we’ll also cover off those unique metrics and challenges faced by product-based business owners.

This masterclass is probably not for you if you are: a data scientist, a marketing expert who is already working in the data every day or someone who isn’t bothered about creating smarter marketing and just wants to do what they think is best. It’s an entry-level workshop and we’ll be deep diving into why making insight-led (rather than assumption-based) decisions work better. 

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