10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for small businesses, providing an easy way to reach out to your customers in a cost-effective and targeted manner. Unlike your social media audience, you’re not battling against an algorithm to be seen and you’ll never suddenly lose your audience if that social network suddenly becomes obsolete. As you know, we’re all about working smarter, not harder. So, here are our expert tips to improve your email marketing.

Expert tips to improve your email marketing

1. Build a robust email list:

The first step in any effective email marketing campaign is to build a list of email addresses from your current customers, as well as potential customers who have expressed an interest in your business. You can do this by using sign-up forms on your website, running contests and giveaways, or offering a discount or special offer in exchange for an email address. Just be sure to make sure you’re collecting data in a compliant way.

2. Segment your email list:

Once you have a solid list of email addresses, it’s important to segment it based on factors like customer behaviour, interests, or purchase history. This will allow you to create more targeted and personalised campaigns that will resonate with your audience and improve your email marketing efforts.

3. Make your emails visually appealing:

The look and feel of your emails is important, as it can have a big impact on how well they are received. Make sure to use high-quality images, appealing graphics, and a clean, professional layout. Most importantly is considering the order in which you present your information and making your emails user-friendly for the device that your customers are most likely to read them on.

4. Personalise your emails:

Personalisation is key when it comes to improving your email marketing. Use your subscribers’ names in the subject line and the body of the email, and address them directly in your messages. This will help your emails stand out and show that you value your subscribers. That said, it’s not enough just to use someone’s name to personalise the emails that they receive from you. You should also provide personalised content as much as possible, whether that’s showing them the type of products they usually shop for on your website or emailing them about things you know they care about. (Psst! We’re a Klavyio Partner and can show you how to populate your emails with dynamic content automatically).

5. Use a clear call-to-action (CTA):

A clear call-to-action is a key component of any email marketing campaign. Whether you want your subscribers to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or download a resource, make sure your CTA is prominently displayed and easy to understand. Hot tip, make sure your call-to-action (or button) is above the first fold of your email (that’s what you’ll see before scrolling).

6. Optimise your emails for mobile devices:

With more and more people accessing their email on their smartphones, it’s important to make sure your emails look good and are easy to interact with on mobile devices. This can be achieved by using responsive design, keeping your emails short and to the point, and using larger font sizes and buttons that are easy to tap on a mobile screen. That said, it’s important to make sure that your customers are opening and reading your emails on a mobile device, not all customers are the same. You may find that your customers actually open and engage with your emails on desktop or laptop, rather than their mobile device.

7. Test, test, and test again:

Before launching any email marketing campaign, it’s important to test everything from the subject line and layout to the images and call-to-action. This will help you identify any issues and make necessary changes before sending your email to your entire list. Optimisation is your secret weapon to creating killer email marketing.

8. Analyse your results:

It’s important to track the success of your email marketing campaigns in order to continuously improve and make changes where needed. Use KPIs like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions. When we work with our clients we provide regular reports for all the relevant marketing metrics and help you to improve your email marketing.

9. Send relevant, valuable content:

Your subscribers signed up for your email list because they want to receive information that is relevant and valuable to them. Make sure you are sending content that is in line with their interests and that provides them with something of value, whether that be industry insights, exclusive promotions, or helpful tips.

10. Keep your email list clean:

Regularly clean your email list of inactive subscribers or those who have marked your emails as spam. This is essential with Google’s inactive account policy introduced in 2023. This will help improve your open and click-through rates, and ensure that you are only sending emails to people who are engaged with your business.

Ignore anyone who says that email marketing is dead. Email marketing is a crucial aspect of any small business’s marketing strategy. By following these tips, you can create effective email campaigns that will help you reach and engage your target audience, drive conversions, and grow your business. Remember, the key to success in email marketing is to provide value to your subscribers and continually test and optimize your campaigns.


Edit February 2024: there are new guidelines to maintain deliverability with Gmail and Yahoo introduced from 2024. Read all about how these new email deliverability changes here.

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