Join a team that creates awesome things, great times and tells it like it is. You’ll adore working with us.

We’re always on the lookout for talented marketers who are obsessed with ecommerce and retail marketing. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, we’d love to hear from you. We advertise our current job vacancies below. If there are no current openings you are always welcome to send an application to

We’ve thrown out the rule book and believe in doing work a little differently. This means:

You are so much more than just your job.

Always wanted to learn a new language, start practicing yoga or something else? Let us know and we’ll do what we can to help support you in achieving your personal goals alongside your job with us.

We are always learning.

We actively encourage our staff to take time in their week to learn a new, relevant skill or update their knowledge. We believe that not only is it the one way to remain the best at what we do, but if you’re always learning you’re going to enjoy what you do a little more. We know that succeeding at work is more than just hitting KPIs.

Flexible working hours.

Outside of our core office hours you can flex your job to fit your lifestyle. We also actively welcome women returning from maternity leave who need flexibility in their schedule to support their other job as a full-time parent.

Remote working.

We’ve never believed that you need to be sat next to each other to do your best work. We trust our staff to deliver and understand that we all work differently. We want to support you to work in whatever way best suits your learning style. We currently all work remotely with monthly IRL meetings (where location allows).

We are not your family.

Red flag alert if a business is saying ‘we’re your family’. Whilst we want you to adore working with us, have the best time and want to love coming to work – we’re not about to pretend we’re your family. We know your actual family always comes first. We’d love to be your bestie, but we’re not here to infiltrate your personal life.

We are currently hiring for:

Looks like we’re not currently hiring, but you can always send a speculative application to hello@dearcharliemarketing.


Are you a graphic designer, PPC or web development agency?

We always love to hear from agencies or freelancers with complementary skills. We have a list of trusted agency and freelance partners who we work with regularly. 

We also offer a referral bonus for agencies referring work to Dear Charlie*.

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