Unapologetically good marketing for retail and ecommerce brands.

About Dear Charlie Email Marketing Agency

We do things a little differently. We’re not in this to make a quick buck and we don’t work with folk who just want that too. We love building brands with strategic marketing. Brands that people can get obsessed with, not ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ businesses. We’ll question why and what you’re doing. We’ll give it to you straight if something straight-up sucks or just isn’t going to cut it. We’ll help you understand. We’ll teach you how to do it better. We’ll tell you the best way to do it.

We’re experts who create damn-good multi-channel marketing* that builds brand loyalty, establishes long-term success and gets business owners back to doing what they love best.

*Multi-channel marketing is just that. Multi-channel. In other words, it considers all the marketing ‘things’ that you could be doing and how they come together as one whole. We don’t just ‘do socials’ we do the bigger picture and create an always-consistent brand experience.


Always Curious*


* An uninspired marketing agency is mediocre. We walk around with our eyes open and our minds whirring. We’re always looking for the next thing. We stay informed. We stay educated. We ask questions. We take (calculated) risks.

Customer Obsessed*


* Because the customer really is always right. Everything we do is customer-focused, because the data proves this is what works. Give them what they actually want, not what you think they want. If you’re not already customer-obsessed, you’re about to be.



* We understand that it is a huge leap of faith deciding to put your brand in our hands. We promise to never hide behind spreadsheets and marketing jargon. We’re most happy when you fully understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, because then you’ll trust us fully and we can get you faster results.

Bloody-brilliant humans*


* Just because we believe in telling you like it is, that doesn’t mean we’re meanies. Our clients love to stick around because our approach is refreshing and real. We’re friendly folk who love a bad joke, a good meme and believe in working to live, not living to work.



Success starts with a solid marketing strategy, because without that master plan you’re just throwing spaghetti on the wall and stabbing blindly in the dark (yes both, at once). Our marketing strategy gives you access to expert knowledge earnt over more than a decade working with some of the world’s biggest retail and ecommerce brands. In short, we know our stuff.


Those who are serious about success understand marketing strategy is the secret sauce that gives you an advantage over everyone else still stuck at the spaghetti stage. We only offer marketing delivery services to clients who are willing to commit to investing in strategy. Outsourcing your marketing to Dear Charlie and getting it ‘done for you’ is one of the best ways to ensure it’s executed efficiently with expertise.


We get it. Not everyone can afford the luxury of outsourcing their marketing. However, doing it yourself with no training will waste your time and never get you the best results. We hate to see bad marketing. That’s why we’ve created a one-stop shop for marketing knowledge. Shop marketing templates or online marketing training, specifically designed for ecommerce and retail businesses so you can do it yourself, but better.