A retail and ecommerce marketing expert who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

“I’m sick of seeing bad marketing.”

To put it simply. This is why I started Dear Charlie.

Dear Charlie will help your business succeed by accessing my expertise learnt over more than a decade working in the UK, the third-largest retail ecommerce industry in the world.

It’s so awesome that more and more of us are running small businesses and shaking-up the retail and ecommerce marketplace.

What’s not so awesome? Marketing agencies and gurus selling overnight marketing success and quick-fix packages to burnt-out business owners. That stuff doesn’t work. Marketing is a long game that needs strategy and some skill to win.

That’s where I hope that Dear Charlie can make a difference.

Dear Charlie will help your business create better marketing and succeed faster. Through access to industry-level marketing expertise, tailor-made marketing strategy and easy-to-follow online marketing training we have something for business owners at all stages of their journey.

 “I’ve got more than a decade of unique experience”

I’m proud that my CV is jam-packed with some of the world’s biggest brands (because I worked damn hard to get them on there). I’ve worked for the likes of ASOS, boohoo, British Home Stores (the UK’s version of Myer) and at Cancer Research UK, working on their Stand Up To Cancer campaign.


  • Working on brand partnerships with the likes of MasterCard, Benefit Cosmetics, Frank Body, Go-To Skincare, Google, YouTube, Metro Newspapers, The Mail Online and Channel 4.
  • Managing digital transformation within the Stand Up to Cancer team and managing the re-development of this pretty awesome website that’s raising millions for cancer research.
  • Helping to create the first brand loyalty schemes at boohoo. 
  • Providing all the copy for the ASOS A-List loyalty scheme, launched as a trial to 100K UK customers.
  • Writing email copy at ASOS that was sent to over 8 million people and translated into more than 6 languages.


For media & press enquiries (including podcast interviews and keynote speaking opportunities):
email hello@dearcharliemarketing.com